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Hauppauge Colossus Review (with Playstation 3)

The supplied software disc includes WinTV V7 which is required to record video footage from the connected source. We are using Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise for the review today.

The ‘general’ tab is the panel which is used to check for updates, change the interface language and to choose the shape of the display window. There are several options also available for video rendering, as well as the option to use hardware acceleration. We experienced no problems when enabling hardware acceleration while using a HD6970 or GTX580.

The ‘Capture’ panel is used to select locations for both static screen captures and video recordings. The buffer size is also a useful option which can be disabled completely, if you are watching TV via a set-top box.

Video recording options can be selected here, as well as snapshot picture file format.

The ‘Device’ panel gives a quick system overview of the Hauppauge hardware which is currently connected, enabled and running.

The ‘Channels’ panel gives list menu of the stations available. Above this is just the default channel mode when using the Playstation 3 as the source.

The ‘Favourites’ tab is a useful option to shortlist a streamlined, favourite channel list.

‘Parental’ control allows adults to lock out unwanted content for a younger audience.

‘Advanced Options’ is the final panel, which allows for external 3rd party video and audio decoders to be used, as well as a handful of other options. The bundled ArcSoft Showbiz program is useful for recording footage to both DVD and BluRay discs.

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