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HIS HD6970 IceQ Turbo Edition Review

Rating: 9.0.

KitGuru readers love modified, custom graphics cards and today we are looking at one of the most eye catching designs yet, the new HIS HD6970 ICEQ Turbo Edition –  a preoverclocked card with a dramatically designed custom cooler.

The HIS HD6970 IceQ Turbo Edition is supplied with a modest overclock on the core, from 880mhz to 900mhz and the memory has been increased to 1400mhz, or 5.6GBps effective. The main talking point however is the cooler, which is certainly going to be the center point of many discussions.

Product AMD HD6970 HIS HD6970 ICEQ Turbo
Core Clock speed 880mhz 900 mhz
Primitive Rate
2 prim/clk
2 prim/clk
Shader Architecture
Stream Processors
24 SIMD/1536 ALU
24 SIMD/1536 ALU
Texture Units 96 96
ROPs/Z-Stencil 32/128 32/128
Frame Buffer 2GB GDDR5 2GB GDDR5
Memory Width/Speed 256 bit, 5.5 Gbps 256 bit, 5.6 Gbps
Power Connectors 8 pin & 6 pin 8 pin & 6 pin
Display Outputs 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI

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  • Garrys Bod

    I really would love to know what they are thinking with these coolers’ they are so mad looking id love to see the development team behind them 🙂

    Great cards though, as has been proven over the last year.

  • Tamlin

    I like the appearance ! its very different. the price seems to be good. most of them are 280?

  • harry

    This is a far east design, they don’t get enough feedback from westerners with their card design. look at the difference between sapphire and HIS for designs.

    I am not saying its a problem for HIS, but the differences are in the cultural designs between the companies.

  • Ben

    They aren’t a make I normally look at. this is one ugly card. Not sure I could get past that.

  • Egyptian mon

    The only problem for me is that the GTX570 is a better card and faster. I doubt many people use more than one monitor. its pointless saying its any different.

    24 inch screen 1920×1080 is the average ‘enthusiast’ panel size and res

  • Nester

    What a bonkers design, someone has been on the jack daniels during the design phase

  • 8292356

    Sapphire for me im afraid,. I dont think HIS have a reptuation yet for these kind of cards.

    Temps are high IMO too.

  • Fran

    How far is that over the edge of the PCB? that might prove a fitting issue in some cases I would think

  • Mark Evans

    People always bitch about HIS, ive owned three of their cards and I think they aer very good. warranty is always strong with retailers too. no problems buying one.

    great product, id buy this, but its a little much for me im happy with my 5 series card. waiting for 7 series !

  • k0rn

    Is it just me or are there just too many cards out on the market to keep track of? I keep forgetting who has what out. The MSI card is the best imo, but its over 300 still I think

  • Tres Spunkilisiou

    Two of these in CFx would be great. 6 screen gaming possible? 3×3 side by side and vertically mounted? might need three of them? anyone know?

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  • Tumus

    Someone in that company has been on the tequila during a design phase of this card!

    It works well, thats the funny thing…

  • Tim

    Looks like we are back at 2000.

  • Cathy

    How come another site got theres upto 1050mhz core clock at 70 degrease none the less?

  • Every card is different, they don’t all overclock the same. Some publications use different methods to test temperatures.

  • Cathy

    Thanks for the quick reply 🙂