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KFA2 MDT X4 – GTX580 1538MB GDDR5 Review

Rating: 9.0.

While Nvidia prepare to release their next series of cards we are looking at a custom GTX 580 board from KFA2 which can support up to four screens via a single card, with the promise of excellent gaming performance across three screens. It ships in an overclocked state and incorporates 3 fans for improved cooling efficiency. Today we will test across a single and three screens. Is it worth the money?

Nvidia’s GTX580 was without question one of the finest video cards to have been released in the last 24 months. I used several in my own gaming rig for a very long time and admired the stunning performance, rock solid Forceware drivers and PhysX acceleration.

The only real downside to owning a GTX580 was the fact that you were limited to playing games on a single screen. Well unless you were rich enough to be able to run two in SLI.

The card supports a total of 4 monitor outputs simultaneously (3 Mini-HDMI, 1 DP). The user has the flexibility to use 3 of the Mini-HDMI ports to combine into a single monitor span in windows, creating a surround gaming environment.

Detailed Specification KFA2 MDT GTX 580 PCIe 2.0
Cores 512
Graphics Clock(MHz) 840
Processor Clock(MHz) 1600
Memory Clock(MHz) 2004 (effective 4008)
Memory Amount 1536MB
Memory Interface 384-bit GDDR5
Memory Bandwidth(GB/Sec) 192.4
Texture Fill Rate(Bilion/Sec) 51.2

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  • Orion Field

    very impressive bit of hardware, but it might be released at a weak time for sales. I think a lot of people are expecting new cards from nvidia in the next 60 days……

    then again 580 is a brilliant card, I own one. have for a year.

  • Peter

    Thats a very good card design. Three fans, and metal backplate. looks like they went the full monty on this release. Dont see it for sale anywhere yet to confirm the price. I cant see them getting this out for £400.

  • Johnson

    Never seen many reviews on KFA2. Are they the replacement for BFG? the artwork looks similar.

    They put a lot of work into their coolers, but its a shame they didnt use arctic again for this product. their fans are better.

  • Panis

    Wow, that is one serious mofo of a card.

  • Rupert

    Yeah thats what im talkin about Nvidia ! cant wait for the new gen of hardware.

  • ForceCon o2n

    While its nice, its still a last gen card. going to be hard for KFA2 to sell that today, IMO. I like the cooler, they put a bit of thought into the design. Tri SLI anyone?

  • Kennedy

    behind the 7970 and scores 7970 is in 3D mark 11 hahahahahaha

  • John

    Pointless card is pointless:
    1. Cause the 7970 stock is a better choice
    2. Cause nvidia is rumoured to paper launch GK 104 card in a month and have it available on the market in a few weeks after that. The word on the streets is the GK104 might be a major improvement over the GTX 580 despite the rumoured smaller bus width.

  • Sure, it could happen. But to call this product ‘pointless’ is a little harsh. Its one of the best 580s on the market.

    Without a doubt this is one of the fastest moving industries, almost every piece of hardware will be replaced by a faster or better product within a couple of months anyway. Its difficult to review something solely on what might happen a month or two down the line. I did mention the upcoming range however in the review….

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  • metalskateboarder

    just got this for $210 on craigs. this is the sickest graphics card ive ever owned!!!!! it tops out at about 880mhz core wich is INSANE!!!and the voltage comes pretweaked! and did i forget to mention it lights up on top??