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KFA2 MDT X4 – GTX580 1538MB GDDR5 Review

While Nvidia prepare to release their next series of cards we are looking at a custom GTX 580 board from KFA2 which can support up to four screens via a single card, with the promise of excellent gaming performance across three screens. It ships in an overclocked state and incorporates …

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MSI N580GTX Lightning Review

The GTX580 has been Nvidia’s finest moment. The card has been a big seller since it was released and it leads many of the performance charts when we factor out the dual GPU solutions. Today we are looking at the MSI N580GTX Lightning, a heavily modified card designed to target …

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Inno3D Geforce GTX580 Review

While sales in the high end market are only a small portion of revenue streams, both nVidia and AMD are keen to be seen to dominate. With the imminent release of AMD’s 6900 Cayman cards we thought it was a good time to have a look at the performance of …

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Zotac announce GTX580 release

With the official (finally) release of the GTX580, all the manufacturers are announcing their products to market. Zotac are the first in our inbox with their new Fermi product. The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 580 graphics card combines 512 shaders with 1536MB of video memory and a 384-bit ultra-wide memory interface …

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Second GTX580 review published before NDA breaks

Well it appears another GTX580 review has hit the net, ahead of the 2pm NDA launch date. This time MadboxPC have their analysis of the GTX580 online. The english translation of the review can be seen over here. And the english translation of the conclusion page can be read here. …

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nVidia GTX580 launch next week – real or paper?

Each generation of graphic card delivers more than the last. Frame rates are faster, colours clearer and everything is just a little more cinematographic than it was before. But what constitutes a hard launch? Do you need to have product in the market? If so, how much? KitGuru investigates. At …

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