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MSI N580GTX Lightning Review

Rating: 9.0.

The GTX580 has been Nvidia’s finest moment. The card has been a big seller since it was released and it leads many of the performance charts when we factor out the dual GPU solutions. Today we are looking at the MSI N580GTX Lightning, a heavily modified card designed to target the enthusiast gamer audience.

When MSI create a custom card, they don’t do things by half measures, this card not only receives a custom PCB implementation from the MSI team, but it is supplied in a highly overclocked state with a metal, two fan cooler (Twin Frozr III).

MSI have also created a proprietary PCB design which allows for various software based voltage adjustments, just in case the preoverclocked settings aren’t enough.

Product nVidia GTX 580 MSI N580GTX Lightning
Shader Units 512 512
GPU GF110 GF110
ROPs 48 48
Transistors 3000M 3000M
Memory Count 1.5GB 1.5GB
Memory Bus Width 384 bit 384 bit
Core Clock 772mhz 832 mhz
Memory Clock 1002 mhz 1050 mhz

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  • Andy Stevenson

    I saw this at OCUK a while ago, over £400 for a video card. ouch.

    Looks great, but I need a new job. my 460 will have to last a while longer

  • Tim

    Their cards are great, they normally take a lot longer to get to retail, same with ASUS. its down to their engineering teams who make the mobos. always can do more than the main players we associate such as powercolor, evga etc.

  • Bret

    Id rather have one of these than the hideous 590./ what a dogs dinner that card was.

    I bet tho if MSI made a 590 they wuold get the power regulation wright.

  • Orion

    Wicked card, love it

  • SLIfreak

    two of these in SLI for folding @ home = perfection.

  • Trevor McBride

    WEll it certainly shows that Nvidia should have got MSI to built their GTX590 instead of skimping on the power delivery system.

  • Jon

    Asus and MSI rock, I do think its best actually waiting for a few months for these guys to release the cards, rather than jump onboard earlier with a poorer version.

    the power on these cards is so important. its becoming more noticeable now.

  • Len

    Can kitguru find out if they are making a GTX590 with enhanced power components? id love an 18 phase 590. ive held off buying one due to the recall and problems. Thank god I didnt have the money at the time or id be the not so proud owner of a turkey now.

  • Mark

    Excellent, now you need to review their new one !

  • Lanni

    WOuldnt mind one of these myself, I can only dream !