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MSI N580GTX Lightning Review

To overclock today we tried various tools, and settled on MSI’s Afterburner, or Rivatuner as it is better known.

MSI Afterburner allows for three series of voltage changes with this card, and the image above left highlights all three maxed out. This is not recommended however as the card temperatures will increase significantly and we experienced a system shut down. We tuned the Core Voltage to a +100mV, with memory voltage set to +50mV and aux voltage to +10 mV.

Our final clocks were extremely impressive, reaching 951mhz on the core and 1116mhz via the memory. The memory did increase to over 1200mhz, but we noticed some minor artifacting, even at 1125mhz.

Thanks to the substantial manual overclock, the end results are boosted considerably, to almost 74 fps, a new record for a single GPU based card design. Only 15fps behind the GTX590!

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