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nVidia Geforce GTX 465 info gets leaked

The upcoming nVidia GTX 465 is due for release shortly and chinese website eNet.com has already had their hands on a sample and have published some benchmark figures.

The GTX 465 is going to fit in below the GTX 470 and this card will apparently feature the GF100 Fermi core, with reductions in performance.

eNet show the cards core clocked to GTX 470 607mhz levels – the downside being it features three less Streaming Multiprocessors with stream processors down to 352 from 448 on the GTX470. The ram count looks to be 1,024mb with another reduction on the memory bus from 320 bit to 256 bit. Right now it is hard to tell if this is all 100% accurate but it makes for interesting reading regardless.

How the performance will translate to real world gaming is a little based around guess work right now but we would assume it would be between 18-25% less than a GTX 470. The release date is scheduled for Computex on June 2nd.

KitGuru say: A challenger for the HD5850?

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