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Q1: nVidia making a recovery

nVidia have been having a rough six months with delays of their Fermi part meaning AMD could run amok and take control of the DX11 marketplace. For nVidia the 40nm manufacturing issues helped in some part as AMD had poor availability until a few months ago.

nVidia reported revenues of over just $1bn which showed a whopping 50.8 percent improvement with compared with the last Q1 fiscal. Gross improved to 45.6 points compared with a dire 28.6 this time last year. Their profit figures showed around the $137.6 million mark which is a huge increase over the $201.3 million loss for the same time last year.

Wall Street however still managed to give nVidia's shares a hammering and they are down 10.6 percent to $13.10 and are still dropping as we speak.

Jen Hsun Huang, nVidia president said the company shipped a few hundred thousand Fermi chips this quarter and that the yield issues are now being sorted out. “With respect to the manufacture of 40 nanometers, I think we're surely out of the woods, I think we can now officially say that.”

It is not all plain sailing for nVidia however as they are sharing supplies with other TMSC customers and Jen Hsun said “I wish we had more Fermis. I wish we had more GPUs of all kinds. There is still not enough 40 nanometer supply for the entire world, and so I expect that the 40 nanometer supply will remain constrained for some time.”

Kitguru says: While everyone is struggling with supply right now, these figures are surely positive for nVidia.

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