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Radeon 6700 specs leak on the net ‘Twice The Horsepower’

Two sources online have leaked information on the range of cards coming from AMD in the near future, these are leaked slides with updated information.

‘Twice The Horsepower’ is a good header because it looks to be quite close going on what we are reading. The Barts XT core, which many are saying will be called the ‘6770’ is going to have four clusters of 320 stream processor, giving a total of 1,280.

The more observant among you will notice that this is less than the 1,440 currently on the HD5850, however as it is going to be a replacement for the HD5770, this means it will be 50 percent more powerful. On a performance level this seems to be fitting between the current HD5870 and the HD5850.

Power consumption is up by to around 146W, considerably more than the current power required by the HD5770.

KitGuru says: KitGuru can’t comment directly on this information, however as this is widely available now in the public domain we felt it was interesting to discuss.

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