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Google say Bing is a threat, not Facebook

Outspoken Google CEO Eric Schmidt has dismissed the potential threat from social networking giant Facebook and has instead pointed to Bing as being Google's main competitor.

Schmidt has said that Bing is ‘doing well' and is owned by a company who has more cash and resources than Google and has a ‘storied reputation of technology innovation.”

Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Bing haven't yet taken a huge percentage of the search market and only hold around 11% of U.S. search queries according to independent company ComScore. Google are holding steady at 65% which is a serious market percentage in any business.

Schmidt also said that FaceBook and Google coexist well in the market place and he said “We studied very carefully the impact with Facebook and Facebook users use Google more, so we love Facebook for that reason.”

Schmidt also said that Google has extended their agreement with Apple and said that both companies would work closely in the future. This is a very key point for him to make as Apple are under threat in the mobile sector from Google's Android operating system.

KitGuru says: Google still dominate the search engine market place, does anyone use Bing and prefer it? Tell us why you do.

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