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Can Stephen Elop get Nokia back on track ?

It has been a tough period for Nokia and KitGuru has been reporting on the issues they have been facing, with product delays, share prices dropping and declining market percentages.

Rumours persist that there are internal issues within company divisions. Information has been leaked to publications that Nokia have been putting primary focus on the hardware, rather than concentrating on the software which is having the side affect of causing confliction between the development teams.

Stephen Elop - putting a focus on software

With new ex Microsoft executive Stephen Elop taking over the role as company CEO however, we would assume that things might start improving. Stephen Elop is a very highly regarded leader who has been in charge of many complex projects under his employment with Microsoft and we have heard that his direction will be very much focusing on the software.

Nokia have said “The core strategy is solid and Nokia will continue to power through what is a substantial transformation (from a hardware company to a software company). Elop will help to accelerate that (he’s a get-things-done guy) and his fresh eyes and ears will enable him to take a fresh look at big questions as to that strategy is executed.”

Many people have wondered what Stephen Elop will actually bring to the Nokia table and Nokia have said “He knows quite a bit about Nokia. Some time ago Nokia announced a partnership with Microsoft and has been collaborating with the company on strategic implementations over the last two years. Stephen Elop lead this partnership from Microsoft’s side, so has had substantial exposure to the inner workings of Nokia and gained a very strong understanding of the business.”

InformationWeek recently posted a rumour that Nokia will be switching to the Windows Phone software, which we find rather a far fetched claim, after all Nokia market percentages are high and they have a wide reaching customer base – Microsoft are new to this market with a (as yet) unproven package. Even with Elop's Microsoft connections this seems rather unlikely. With a little more focus on the software side we think Nokia may solve many of their problems.

KitGuru says: Are you a happy Nokia user? let us know your views.

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