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Windows Phone 7 launch set for Oct 21 Europe & Nov 8th USA

Latest rumours in suggest that Microsoft may hold the Windows 7 launches on October 21st and November the 8th. According to Neowin sources, which is not officially confirmed.

The launch on October 21st is apparently aimed at audiences in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with the USA following up on November the 8th. If so, this is a rather unusual move, as the USA normally would be first on the launch date list.

As with all major Microsoft launches we can expect a lot of money to be spent on the marketing and advertising side of things. How will WP7 stand on the market? Well it will face stiff competition from both Apple phones and the latest Google Android powered solutions, which are set to have many more options and features than the Microsoft models.

KitGuru says: Microsoft up for the Android Challenge? It is a tough one for the software giant.

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