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Sapphire HD6670 (low profile/single slot cooler) Review

Sapphire are fond of 3d rendered ‘babes’ and we are greated with an attractive lass in a skin tight leather jump suit, resplendent with sword.

Inside is a little user manual, software disc and literature on the product as well as Hypermemory support. There is also a standard sized back plate in separate packaging.

The tiny little card is built on an aqua blue PCB with a black cooler. It does not need a power connector, acquiring enough power directly from the PCI E slot.

The small fan is offset to the right. The reason for needing a fan is simple, without it, Sapphire would need to use a very large passive heatsink. Later in the review we will analyse noise emissions, which will make or break such a design.

Sapphire have attached a ribbon cable with VGA output, making it ideal for a very small HTPC chassis. If you have no need for the analog port, this can be removed by simply tugging on the cable. There is also a full sized HDMI connector, next to a DVI port.

The cooler is removed with four screws, giving access to the naked PCB underneath.

Sapphire are using 1GB of GDDR5 memory, which is high quality Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR.

A GPUz overview of the hardware. The Turks core is running at 800mhz, and the 1GB of 1,000mhz (4,000mhz effective) GDDR5 Hynix memory is connected via a 128bit memory interface. Rounding out the specifications are 8 ROPs and 480 unified shaders. It should actually be capable of powering many gaming engines at 720p without too many compromises.

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