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Sapphire HD7850 Overclock Edition Review

The Sapphire HD7850 Overclock Edition is shipped in a small box featuring a 3D render of a woman in army combat clothing.

Sapphire bundle a plethora of video and power converter cables, as well as a Crossfire cable and some literature on their products.

The Sapphire HD7850 is built on a blue PCB and features a glossy black plastic cooler with dual fans. Both of these fans are larger than the reference fan incorporated on the AMD board.

The card features a single Crossfire connector, meaning it can be used in a 2 way configuration for added horsepower.

It requires power from a single six pin PCI power connector.

The card is a dual slot design with a full sized DVI and HDMI port, and two mini Display Port connectors. It is Eyefinity capable. This card can simultaneously output multiple, independent audio streams from the HDMI and mini Displayport connectors at the rear of the card.

The cooler on this card features two thick copper heatpipes which run into a copper base and then two separate racks of aluminum fins on either side.

Sapphire have enhanced the core clock speed by 60mhz to 920mhz. The memory also receives a 50mhz boost (200mhz effective) to 5Gbps. The Pitcairn GPU is manufactured on 28nm technology and this specific card features 32 ROPS, 1,024 shaders and 2GB of GDDR5 memory which is connected via a 256 bit memory interface.

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  • Raymond D

    Excellent, nice little card, I do think it will cost more than £200 however as even some of the basic cards are 195.

  • Jeffrey Bennicom

    The XFX cards look much nicer IMO, but the cooler on the Sapphire cards is well thought out. Every card has a different cooler construction too, XFX tend to use the same cooler and heatpipe config between a whole range of cards, which works well on the mid or low level card, but not so good on the higher end model.

  • Raymond Rne

    Nice lookin card, again from sapphire

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  • Peter

    If one fan would break, you will have to buy a new full heatsink solution because is impossible get a replacement of one fan. Bad for Sapphire.

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