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Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini 350 Review (featuring ThermalTake Element Q)

Rating: 8.5.

AMD’s Fusion platform was released in January and a few weeks ago KitGuru spent some time with a ‘yet to be released’ MSI Fusion System Prototype – we were actually the first in the world to review it.

For the last week we have been spending some time with the upcoming Sapphire Pure Fusion Mini 350 motherboard, and today we share our findings, having built a low cost system around it.

AMD Fusion is the marketing name for a series of Accelerated Processing Units that have been in development since 2006. This design combines general processor execution with 3D geometry processing and other functions of modern GPU’s into a single chip.

The Sapphire board features the dual core AMD E350 CPU with AMD Radeon HD6310 graphics. It delivers HDMI, DVI and VGA output with BlueTooth, USB 3.0 and SATA 6Bb/s support.

Today we are building a system inside a low cost media chassis, kindly supplied by Thermaltake – the compact and rather attractive Element Q.

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