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Will nVidia GTX465 will be £30 more than HD5850?

As KitGuru revealed last week, nVidia's new mid range part will launch at Computex. We are now in a position to be much more specific about its price and market position.

This card has been created to target the profitable and lucrative HD5850 sector. An area in which AMD are particularly strong. The 5850 is KitGuru's favourite DX11 card and that view is shared by many of the world's top tech journalists.

Fermi's delays in getting to market have been compounded by terrible currency rates, issues with transport and the start of summer – traditionally a quiet period.

That said, we're excited by the prospect of a full-blown, mid-range shoot out!

KitGuru is old. KitGuru is wise. KitGuru has used all this age and wisdom to determine that the winning price point for GTX465 is £199 inc vat.

Unfortunately, we're hearing that it will be closer to the £250 mark. That puts £30 more than the HD5850. This means it would need to be noticeably faster than the AMD competing part, which we feel might be a tall order.

KitGuru says: We hope nVidia can compete with AMD's HD5850 because this will surely drive down both prices to benefit the consumer. One thing in nVidia's favour could be the continued shortages on high end ATI parts as well as the currency fluctuations. By the time the GTX465 launches, the 5850 might be more expensive.

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