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XFX HD7770 Black Edition S Crossfire & HD7750 DD Review

More eye catching artwork from the XFX marketing department.

The cooler is almost identical to the one used on the HD7750. The sexy looking silver and black metal shroud, with dual fans underneath.

The XFX HD7770 has a single DVI port, full sized HDMI port and two MiniDisplay ports. It is EyeFinity capable.

The XFX HD7770 is Crossfire capable in two way configurations. It requires a single 6 pin power connector for stable operation.

The same ‘void if removed’ stickers on the screws. We will void the warranty for you, don’t worry about it.

The XFX HD7770 uses 1GB of GDDR5 Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR memory, same as all the other HD7770’s we have looked at so far.

The XFX HD7770 Black Edition S features the Cape Verde 28nm core, which runs at 1,120mhz on this card … 120mhz more than the ‘reference’ design from AMD. The card features 16 ROPS, 640 Unified shaders, and 1GB of GDDR5 memory running at 1,300mhz via a 128bit memory interface.

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  • Jeff Pinter

    great looking cards. still a bit costly for what you get I think. Crossfire any better than it was a few years ago? nothing worked when I had two cards. (well worked the way it should have). That is why I moved to nvidia.

  • Optix

    I wasnt impressed. but I can see the merit with two of them in Crosfire.

    Have to ask. Would the people buying one of these really be able to afford two?

  • Benjamin

    This is why crossfire makes sense. Obviously we have the rich guys who buy two high end boards to break benchmark scores, but back in the real world. you buy one, use it for a while, save up. then get another. you have high end card power for less money with less initial outlay.

    First time ive seen a company sell a bundle, with two in it. with two free games those cards work out at £135. its not bad value considering.

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