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Future iOS devices might get a smaller dock connector

Rumours, and I stress rumours are saying that future iOS devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch models, could be getting a smaller, redesigned dock connector. The sources state that while this smaller dock will not be in the iPad 3 it will likely be included in the iPhone 5 and beyond.

If the rumours are true, this dock will be near useless overnight.

The modified dock connector will cause it to take up less internal space within the device, allowing more room for things such as a larger battery. This seek for more space inside the phone was the same motive that led Apple to use a Micro-SIM slot in the iPhone 4 which replaced a standard SIM slot.

Although the smaller dock could allow for larger batteries it also means that every single iDevice dock available currently will be deemed near useless overnight. This makes no real sense at all, unless Apple plans to give out free adapters with new devices which while possible is not very likely.

Kitguru says: Bad idea Apple, this would be like changing our mice and keyboard connections to MicroUSB overnight while our desktops still have 8+ USB ports.

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