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Adding a little style to your data backup routine

As technology develops more and more, style and design becomes more important. AData’s SH02 range started in simple Black, White and Pink – but going forward there will be a lot more variation. KitGuru turns Fashion TV on in the background and investigates.

External hard drive caddies have been built like Cylon warriors for a very long time.

Not a bad place to start really. If you’re going to trust your data to a tiny device, maybe it should look like it can survive a knife fight/the hard vacuum of inter-galactic space.

Only problem is that most people don’t have a 2 meter high metallic suite to match. Enter AData’s design team.

The SH02 range of 2.5” (laptop to you and I) external drives started in bright pink and texture black or white. Now, inspired by complex, inlaid patterns of inlaid wood (from days of yore?), they are launching new variants into the market.

This, er, stylish shot was created by dropping the interestingly named SH02 onto a background shot of the Grimaldi Centre in Monte Carlo. You can just make out a palm tree on the right. Art. Innit.

These drives will cost you around £60, depending on the capacity and come with a range of software – including OS-to-GO which lets you create an installable Windows 7 image on the drive from your original disk and HDD-to-GO to instantly synchronise your data.

KitGuru's never understood the feeding frenzy at fashion shows, but it seems that people from far and wide get very excited to see the latest stuff on stage. This chap's come a long way, eh JJ?

In this promo pic, it actually looks good in the young lady’s jean pocket, but we’re not sure we’d recommend testing the tensile strength of the caddy against the bending pressure generated by the average KitGuru’s arse when attempting to sit. Surely your data’s worth more than that?

That's one way to carry your intimate memories. Not recommended.

The new designs will be in stores soon enough, so if looks are as important to you as content, definitely worth a look. For KitGuru, size and speed makes us more fruity – so we’ll be bringing you something a little more hardcore later.

KitGuru says: If only I could find the handbag and gloves to match.

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