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HIS HD6970 Turbo Edition Review

Rating: 8.0.

AMD’s new HD6970 range has impressed KitGuru, delivering stunning gaming performance at a very respectable price point. While nVidia certainly have the performance advantage right now with their GTX580, we really do love to game across three screens without having to purchase another graphics card.

Today we are looking at the new HIS HD6970 Turbo Edition, which offers enhanced clock speeds, for those who want a little extra performance. We will put it through its paces across multiple screens to see if it is the right choice for your next upgrade.

Product AMD HD6970 HIS HD6970 Turbo
Core Clock speed 880mhz 900mhz
Primitive Rate
2 prim/clk
2 prim/clk
Shader Architecture
Stream Processors
24 SIMD/1536 ALU
24 SIMD/1536 ALU
Texture Units 96 96
ROPs/Z-Stencil 32/128 32/128
Frame Buffer 2GB GDDR5 2GB GDDR5
Memory Width/Speed 256 bit, 5.5 Gbps 256 bit, 5.6 Gbps
Power Connectors 8 pin & 6 pin 8 pin & 6 pin
Display Outputs 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI 2xDVI + 2x mDP + HDMI

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  • Dave

    Well this is rather disappointing, especially after that sexy powercolor card you reviewed last week. I hadnt forgotten about it !

    £20 for a 20mhz core increase and a bit of an OC on the memory? I can do that myself with CCC and spend that £20 on some drinks :p

  • Samuel manks

    Good cards, but I agree, this isn’t really hitting the spot for me, seems a bit cheeky really as its a complete reference design.

  • Robert

    This is a nice card, all 6970s are nice ! powercolor card has me spoiled, that was awesome.

  • Fluffychicken

    Fair score, I was thinking it might be a 7, but the hardware is that good that would be unfair. any higher than 8 is overly generous, as the powercolor one tested here last week is miles ahead and deserves the gold award.

  • Joseph

    Man, bad time for HIS to release this, after the powercolor PCS+, MSI HAWK, Sapphire Flex and the Asus GTX580 direct CU ! what awesome boards in the last week.

  • Ned

    Yeah, dont really think this is such a good deal. id rather get a reference card for £20 less, and oc it myself.

  • Frankie

    I just bought a 6970 myself, picked it up for £260 and have overclocked it to 960mhz, faster than this HIS, and £40 less 🙂

    yeah, im feeling smug, so what :p

  • Victor

    Good review, thanks for the testing. ill give this one a miss and get their reference model, as our local store is selling it for £270 inc vat.

  • Ben

    I dont mind HIS, good products with some of their range. This one however is a miss for me, because I dont think companies should get away with selling bios adjusted cards for £20 more. there is no extra work, and a ‘turbo’ sticker doesnt cost anything extra.

    every HD6970 ever made hits 920mhz, so there is no hand selection going on here Zardon, that was a rather optimistic closing comment from you.

    Waste of money, I can modified bioses myself and I dont have to pay £20 for the priveledge.

  • Raymond

    Good card, but its nothing out of the ordinary. Not sure they will sell many of these when there are alternatives offering better specifications and coolers etc.

  • Klarden

    very disappointing for a HIS release. Sad that they couldn’t put IceQ X on it. 6870 with IceQ is my dream card for now:)