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Apple iPad 2 is now in production

News organisation Reuters have apparently spotted the unreleased iPad 2 at Rupert Murdoch’s digital newspaper launch today. The prototype has been causing a stir among Apple fans as the release date is imminent.

A Reuters eyewitness saw a working model of the new iPad with a front facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen, this was on display at the press conference for the News Corp ‘The Daily’ online newspaper in New York.

A source has apparently said that this was indeed the iPad 2 but was also heard to say that other new features could make it into the final new release. Apple have obviously declined to comment, letting the rumours fuel their own PR tour de force.

The 3G version will be availabel on Verizon and AT&T in America with T-Mobile and Sprint getting the cold shoulder. It also appears that the much vaunted high resolution ‘Retina’ display won’t be making it into the iPad V2. Something we already guessed at when images of the panel leaked online weeks ago.

KitGuru says: Still excited or getting irritated it isn’t out yet?

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