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HIS HD6970 Turbo Edition Review

The HIS HD6970 Turbo is shipped in the same box as the regular HIS HD6970, with a ‘turbo’ sticker located top right.

The bundle contains a several power adapters, a VGA converter, installation literature and a crossfire connector.

The card itself is built around the official AMD reference design with a branded HIS sticker on top.

The card is 2/3/4 way CrossfireX compatible and it requires a 6 pin and an 8 pin power connector, same as the reference design.

The output layout is exactly the same as the reference design, offering 2xDVI ports, two mini displayport connectors and a full sized HDMI connector. Three screens can be connected to this card, although if you use displayport capable panels, this can be increased.

The cooler is also the reference design unit, which we have looked at before. It is based around a copper GPU clock with an aluminum heatsink design, supported to the right by the traditional, small red AMD cooling fan.

This card has a 20mhz ‘out of the box’ overclock, when compared next to the reference edition, which is clocked at 880mhz. The memory also receives a small boost to 1400mhz (from 1375mhz), giving an effective 5.6Gbps of bandwidth across the 256 bit memory interface. The card has 32 ROPs, 2GB of GDDR5 and there are 1536 unifed Shaders. It supports PCIe 2.1, DirectX 11 and DirectCompute, as well as hardware acceleration of high definition media content with supported applications. 7.1 audio can be output via the HDMI port, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio.

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