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ADATA gets A-ggressive with A price

At KitGuru, our love of a bargain is matched only by our love of alliteration. When we saw the ‘A’ rated deal from AData on portable drives, we could not resist. Either. So what’s on offer and for how much?  KitGuru checks out the latest in desirable drive deals.

While the latest 512GB USB Pen Drive from Kingston is very cool and extremely desirable. But it’s also $800, which pushes it out of the reach of many enthusiasts and professionals.

For those of us on a more ‘normal’ budget, but who need to transport gigabytes of data around the place – what better than a highly affordable 640GB drive for £37?

  • We see loads of these offers all the time, but this one grabbed our attention for several reasons:-
  • The trade price for a 500GB drive is close to £37 already – let alone 640GB
  • This drive comes in a cool external shell that will help prevent damage
  • The USB cable is built in and it comes with a 3 year warranty
Big drive small price. What more could you want? OK, USB 3 would be nice, but for £37

KitGuru says: While there might be added ‘cool factor’ in having a 512GB USB Pen Drive, the economics for a 640GB drive at £37 are undeniable.

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