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Samsung 1TB 2.5 inch Drive launched

Samsungs latest 2.5 inch drive is going to appeal to many demanding enthusiast users with the need for maximum storage on the move. They have released their latest Spinpoint series unit with a 1TB capacity.

The Spinpoint MT2, utilises 333GB platters to create the 1TB solution and Samsung are claiming performance benefits of up to 20 percent when compared with the last unit in the range. Surprisingly they also claim 4 percent lower power drain when compared to competitive drives on the market. This comes inside a 12.5mm form factor which is slightly thicker than previous models – it may also mean that many people wanting to upgrade may need to check if their machine can cope with the increased width.

The unit is a 5,400 rpm model on a SATA 3.0GB/s interface so it is certainly not going to be replacing an SSD for a fast boot drive, but for those people with high storage demands its going to make a fantastic first choice.

The drive incorporates the standard Samsung featureset, which includes NoiseGuard and SilentSeek which means the drive will not only run quietly but will have a shock resistance of 400G under operation and 800G when in stationary platter mode. Samsung have also introduced dynamic balancing technology which offers further stability and reliability.

KitGuru says: Would you order one or are you firmly looking at a new SSD for your laptop?

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