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Startech S25SLOTR 2.5″ Removable Hard Drive Rack Review

The underside is sexy aluminum while the surrounding panels are steel, for strength.

The power area (for internal connectors)

Above we can see the power connector area – this is used to feed connectors to the internal power supply of the system, in exactly the same way you would with a 3.5 inch drive.

Sata to molex power connector (internal use)

The power cable is a straightforward splitter – from sata to molex, meaning all power supplies will easily support it. You use this to connect to your PSU, and a sata cable (supplied) to your motherboard.

here is a 2.5 inch drive I baked earlier

The first thing you need to do is grab one of the drives gathering dust in your drawer. The more observant among you will notice the little Apple logo on the drive above. This was removed from one of my Macbooks when I upgraded to an SSD, which verifies my point earlier – we all have 2.5 inch drives lying around doing very little!

Protective cover - A condom for your hard drive

The next stage is to use the handy supplied protective cover to cover the undersurface of your 2.5 inch drive. We found it isn’t really needed, but its a nice additional touch from Startech.

Protected and ready to rock

We used a high intensity flash on the picture above to show you the underside of the drive with the protective cover fitted.

Push the eject button, open up and say ahhh

Fitting the drive is very straightforward. Push the eject button, slide it in …

Locked and loaded

… and close it.

Power and Sata cables connected

Hook up the sata to molex converter and sata cable then open up your desktop PC chassis.

Drive bay mounted inside case

For the system build we are using a Silverstone Raven 02 chassis so the mounting is vertical. All is left is to connect the sata cable to the motherboard and the power cable to the power supply.

Another angle showing the drive bay installed

The drive bay can be fitted anywhere you have a slot free – and if you don’t have any slots free then I guess you could just mount it with the 3.5 inch units although you would need to open the case if you wanted to change the drive.

The view from the rear of the Raven 02 - drive bay fitted

Above you can see the Drive bay fitted in the far left slot – to remove the drive you simply just push the eject button and pull. Replacing the drive is easy and only takes a few seconds.

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