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Startech S25SLOTR 2.5″ Removable Hard Drive Rack Review

Rating: 8.0.

Hands up if you have a few spare 2.5 inch laptop drives sitting in a drawer gathering dust? I would say quite a few reading this have their grubby mitts in the air already … this article will be of particular interest to you all.

Startech are probably not that well known to most of us, however they they have been in operation since 1985 and have won many awards over the decades for their customer service and production quality. They supply over 2,000 products across 43 product lines and over 40,000 resellers worldwide have been supplying their goods across 25 years.

I will be honest, when most companies approach me asking if I would like to review their latest gadget such as a ‘USB powered desktop fan’ or a ‘can cooler’ I tend to run in the other direction. This one is slightly different. Why? well I would actually find a use for this in the real world.

The principle is simple. You use the device to house a 2.5 inch drive, then you mount it internally inside a desktop chassis (PCI slot) with the rear tray system accessible from the outside via a drive bay. You can then swap out the drives without opening your case or fiddling with power connectors. Want a new drive installed? hit an eject button and pull. Well nifty.

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  • Terry Luke F

    Seems like a handy little tool, ive some 2.5s here, would be useful for storage.