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Toshiba announce new ‘self-wiping’ drives

Toshiba have just detailed new technology in the battle for data security – new drives which can automatically wipe sensitive data.

These drives are going to be using AES 256 encryption to store data and while this is nothing new, there is a new system in place to increase data security. When the drives are switched off Toshiba's system initiates and invalidates the security key which was used to encrypt the stored data. While this data is obviously still on the drive there is actually no way to access it without the new erased key.

Now for the mainstream audience, this seems a rather useless technology, after all what is the point in storing data to a hard drive if it wipes it automatically on shut down? Toshiba however are targeting this to be sold to companies selling photocopiers and printers with built in storage. This means that all cached data will be erased immediately on shut down, protecting user security in the process. Toshiba also want to offer the units with command based wiping as well as automated wiping meaning it would be more practical for home users.

This technology is going to be a popular transistion for those security focused people who use overwriting software to completely erase data which Toshiba state can take many hours to do correctly and which can also damage a drive long term rendering them useless.

Toshiba are releasing their first drive with this technology shortly, it is a 2.5 inch 7,200 rpm unit and if the audience embrace it, then they will start offering a wider range.

KitGuru says: What do you think? a worthwhile venture from Toshiba? let us know your views.

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