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Silverstone FF142 wants to get stuck on you

We can all agree that the enemies of a modern PC include water, boiling oil, missile attack and – more commonly – simple dust. While Silverstone is not able to protect against liquids or missiles, the company's latest invention might help you with small particles. KitGuru wades through a cloud of floating debris to bring you shots.

The crappiest of chassis have no dust filtering at all. One step up from ‘no protection' would be ‘fixed/immovable' protection. You can tell that you're vendor of choice is spending more on design when you can slide a filter out and wash it under the taps, but what would be even easier?

Silverstone's FF142 is a magnetic dust guard – measuring 32cm by 15.5cm – and all it wants to do is lay down all day, on top of your PC, and prevent dust from entering.

Does exactly what it claims in the photo. Says Tony.

The shots we have here, show it being deployed on top of a chassis, but as long as your box is made of magnetic material (i.e. steel), you can mount one of these filters any where you choose.

Tony Ou, Silverstone technical genius and marketing guru says, “We have picked a size that is compatible with most fan vents so it can be used in many places that require filtering”.

“So for those looking to reduce dust in order to increase component longevity – as well as improve cooling efficiency, we believe that the FF142 is an excellent buy”, said Tony.

Silverstone believes that this product will be a little over £5 in the UK (based on a US price of less than $9).

It actually looks better close up, in Silverstone's promo-shots, than far away

KitGuru says: It's hard not to like a dust filter. Especially when it's so easy to fit. If you have a lot of carpet/cats etc in your home – and your chassis is inadequately protected – then this could be a good option.

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