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Asus Xonar Xense Audio Bundle Review

We decided to test the Xonar One sound card with both the included headphones with all tasks and a set of Creative Megaworks 5.1 speakers when not gaming as we feel that a large number of users will not use the headset all of the time.

When gaming with the Xense One and the PC 350 headset, the sound performance was nothing short of impressive.  Gunshots and explosions were rendered accurately and the sound was well balanced.  The virtual surround sound feature in the included software also worked well, allowing effective sound panning in game.

Moving on to audio playback, results with both the headset and speakers were very good.  Sure, the headset won’t be preferable for those who listen to bass-heavy music but this is because it is geared towards FPS gaming rather than optimum music playback.  We did notice a small amount of distortion in the higher registers but this was only when we cranked up volume to the max.

One of our favourite Blu-Rays for testing movie audio reproduction is the Dark Knight.  In the opening sequence, sound panning was effective when the virtual surround sound was enabled and the explosions and gunshots were very realistic.  Once again we noticed a slight lack in the bass-registers but this didn’t detract much from the movie experience as a whole.

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