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Alphacool’s new water cooling fittings double as a laser pointer

Building a custom liquid cooling loop is a fulfilling task but it also takes a lot of careful planning and accurate measuring to get it looking as good as can be. Alphacool is hoping to make that last part a bit easier for enthusiasts soon with Eiszapfen laser fittings.

The Eiszpafen laser fitting screws into the thread of your radiator or cooling block, then a frickin' laser beam appears to show you exactly where your hard tubing should run, making getting exact measurements an easier task.

These fittings use the standard G 1/4″ thread, so it will be compatible across all custom liquid cooling gear. It also has a 50cm long cable with a 4-pin molex connector to hook it up to a power supply. You can use the included ATX jumper plug to power get it running without a PC.

These are available starting from today directly through Alphacool for €9.95.

KitGuru Says: I built my first custom water cooling loop last year and while I did fine, there were some tubing runs that would have been made much easier with something like this. Are any of you planning to build a custom watercooled PC this year? Would you be interested in using something like this?

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