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EK Cooling Expo 2020 reveals new EK Quantum lineup, EK-AIR and some excellent PC builds

With physical, in-person events all on hold for the time being, we have begun seeing a series of digital expos in their place. Last week, we covered the huge Thermaltake digital expo and this week, we are looking over everything that EK Water Blocks announced in its own digital showcase. 

New EK Cooling Gear:

EK is best known for its cooling products, ranging from DIY liquid cooling parts and accessories, to AIO coolers and soon, even air coolers.

First up on the list of new kit being shown during the EK Cooling Expo is the EK-Quantum Reflection PC-O11D XL D5 PWM. Lengthy names aside, this is a D-RGB custom water cooling reservoir, routing and pump solution, otherwise known as a Distro Plate. This one is designed specifically for the O11D XL chassis from Lian-Li.

The EK Quantum CPU Water Block Magnitude sRTX4 is another newcomer, aiming to be the top performing water block for AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors. These blocks are optimised for the new Zen 2-based chips, with water flow split four ways to target every chiplet. These blocks also have a modular design, so you can choose between different materials, colours and lighting options.

An array of accessories for DIY liquid cooling loops including the Quantum Torque Extender Static, Quantum Flow Indicator, Quantum Momentum Monoblock for the AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform, the Quantum Inertia reservoirs and Quantum Power Kits.

The Torque Extender Static is the first expansion of the Torque line of fittings and adds extenders in various lengths, designed to fit perfectly with EK-Quantum Torque fittings.

The Quantum Flow Indicator comes in three versions- Flow Indicator D-RGB, Scalar Flow Indicator Bottom-Top D-RGB and Scalar Flow Indicator Top-Bottom D-RGB. You can add one of these to your loop and get a better visual indication of how well coolant is flowing through your loop.

The EK Quantum Momentum Monoblock is a second-generation product, updating things for the latest versions of Ryzen Threadripper. As you would expect, the monoblock covers not just the CPU, but also blend with I/O and cool additional components on the motherboard.

The EK Quantum Intertia is a standalone pump designed to be paired with an EK-Quantum Reservoir. It is an aesthetically pleasing option for those who would prefer a separate pump and reservoir, rather than a combo unit.

The EK Quantum Power Kits are DIY liquid cooling bundles. In each kit you will get a pump, reservoir, CPU block, tubing and your choice between a 240mm radiator or a 360mm radiator. All parts come with D-RGB baked in, so if you want to put on a light show inside your case, these are suitable for the job.

There will also be EK Classic D-RGB bundles containing all the necessary components for a DIY CPU water loop, although these are parts from the EK Classic series and not the EK Quantum lineup. There are also additional options for slim 240mm and 360mm radiators for these bundles.

Now we get to the standout- the EK-AIR. EK is primarily known for liquid cooling but this year will see the release of a CPU air-cooler instead, geared towards those interested in aftermarket cooling but not ready to make the jump to custom liquid cooling, or even an AIO unit. The EK-AIR will ship with single and dual-tower heatsink options, extra attention has also been paid to the mounting mechanism, ensuring it is easy to set up.

New EK  Quantum Liquid-Cooled PC Builds:

EK also has a series of boutique custom PC builds, each with parts and cooling equipment picked to show the best of what high-end PCs have to offer. In the gallery above, you will find the EK Quantum Sekira Plexi PC, Quantum Sekira Carbon PC, Quantum EK mITX Monolith, Quantum ASUS ROG XL PC, the EK Quantum 925 Magnitude and the EK Classic 303EK D-RGB.

There is also a stealthy, all-black EK Enterprise PC, fully custom cooled with giant radiators, lots of fans and sensibly routed tubing.

You can see all of these builds in the EK Cooling Expo 360-degree showroom, which you can find HERE.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of the latest cooling gear and immaculate PC builds on show from EKWB? 

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