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G.SKILL Memory break Overclocking world record

4m 44.609s – The world’s fastest SuperPI 32M score achieved by the renown Russian overclocking team, OCLAB.RU, with G.SKILL RipjawsX DDR3 memory, Intel Core i7 3770K CPU and ASUS Z77 Maximus V Extreme motherboard

Congratulations to the Russian legendary overclockers, Slamms and Smoke, from team “OCLAB.RU” on breaking the new SuperPI 32M world record. With incredible memory speed of DDR3 2,640MHz CL8, team OCLab.ru has achieved the fastest SuperPI 32M score of 4m 44.609s. This incredible record has been validated by the world’s most well-known overclocking community website,hwbot.org, and can be found through the link below. http://hwbot.org/submission/2314785_oclab.ru_superpi_32m_core_i7_3770k_4min_44sec_609ms

In addition, 8 out of the world’s current top 10 SuperPI 32M overclocking records validated by hwbot.org are achieved using G.SKILL’s extreme performance memory modules, this once again shows G.SKILL memory kits are built with superior quality, outstanding overclocking performance and optimum stability, as G.SKILL became the most ideal DDR3 memory choice for computer power-users and overclocking enthusiasts.

(Source: http://hwbot.org/benchmark/superpi_32m/rankings#start=0#interval=20 )

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