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Toshiba release 24nm NAND

Toshiba have released SmartNAND based on the 24nm manufacturing process. It uses a control chip which support error correction Code (ECC) and can manage sizes up to 64GB.

The technology is exciting because it can remove the ECC load from the host processor, while minimising protocol changes. It helps to simplify the host side design and allows NAND technology to be used in various devices such as tablet PC’s, digital TVs and portable media players.

Scott Nelson, Toshiba’s Vice President said that the demand is growing for high density chips, especially for improved storage in portable players. He said that SmartNAND will help customers have a better design ‘into 24nm generation and beyond’.

SmartNAND 24nm has a faster controller and internal interface when compared to 32nm devices and should start to make an impact in the market shortly. It will achieve faster read and write speeds. The SmartNAND family will be available mid April with mass product in the second quarter of 2011.

KitGuru says: Prices could be high for a while until Japan recover from the recent disaster.

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