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Apple aim to take delivery of 4.5 million iPad 2’s each month

The original iPad was a massive seller for Apple, shifting millions of units in a short time. Everyone expected the new model to sell well, but Apple are still struggling to keep up with the universal sales.

Apple took delivery of over 2.5 million units in March and they are aiming to increase this to over 4.5 million to meet the demand. Insiders claim that Apple need to meet demand for 12 million iPad 2’s in the second quarter if they want to fully maximise their sales. They recently made deals with their suppliers in disaster hit Japan, paying 400% over the odds for specific components to ensure that they would get priority over everyone else.

Digitimes also reported that the supply of cover lenses for touch panel modules needs to be carefully adjusted to ensure they can meet their goals. Capacities are said to be expanding to meet the demand in the next couple of months.

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