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Android Music 3.0 app with cloud streaming leaked

TechFrom10 have managed to find out information about the upcoming music streaming functionality thanks to a ‘failed’ Android update.

“So on our Galaxy S Vibrant today we went to do a routine update of apps from the Android Market, only to discover that, for a completely unknown and frankly bizarre reason, our Android Market is now suddenly the test version we assume is loaded on Android developer’s devices,” writes Tim Schiesser at TechFrom10.

The glitch has allowed Schiesser to get access to the developers version of the Android Market, which in turn allowed him to download a test version of Android Music 3.0.

The app is said to be similar to the Android Music app on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, but now with additional cloud connected features. Schiesser says that the new music application is ‘far better than the current music player in Android 2.3’.

The application is showing of promise, considering it isn’t even a final version. There is no music yet to stream for instance, as Google still need to work out the legal terms with the music industry. When it hits retail, it should allow people to download tracks or stream them under an account from the Google cloud, saving local storage space. The application also offers WiFi mode for speed, and to reduce data use on a data plan.

KitGuru says: Apple are due to release a similar system, so if Google beat them to the punch it could mean they get market share before any competition is available.

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