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G.Skill lops 10% off premium memory at eBuyer

While Samsung has been rubbing its corporate hands together with glee at an overall increase in memory prices, some companies are still working hard to deliver value for UK enthusiasts. KitGuru does a quick price check and discovers some interesting results.

If you’re building an AMD Fusion system, then faster memory will deliver a much better experience in every area – including graphics results.

For Intel boxes, the more overhead, the less chance of a bottleneck when your CPU is under severe duress.

Also, there’s an argument for upgrading from 4GB to 8GB when using high end video-based applications like Adobe After Effects – which seems perfectly happy to eat every single gigabyte your rig can offer.

The days when no-name-bastard-ram cost £10 a gigabyte are long gone. These days, even the better memory in the market is still very affordable – especially if your preferred choice is G.Skill RipJawsX memory shipping with 2,133MHz standard clocks.

We’ve just been told that 8GB of this premium ram (2x 4GB) is now only £49 at eBuyer – down from £55 at the start of the Easter Weekend. Not sure if this is just a weekend special, but any price drop on quality memory is very welcome.

More details and stock availability here.

It's big. It's fast. It's jagged and red. Nope, it's not Zardon before breakfast. It's 8GB RipJawsX 2133

KitGuru says: If you’re building a new rig and need 8GB of very fast memory, then this has to be a consideration now it’s under the £50 marker.

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