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ADATA launches its most powerful DDR ever for Haswell

Over the next two weeks, we're all in for a deluge of launches. Not only are the main semi-conductor firms in mid-launch-madness-mode, but all of the companies that make components to go inside the new Haswell boxes are also on over drive. Plus Computex is around the corner. Today sees ADATA's announcement for ultra fast memory. KitGuru pulls out a stop watch to investigate.

One of the few applications we've seen that will eat 100% of your memory – in terms of both size and speed – is After Effects from Adobe.

Companies that work in that environment are normally billing big bucks per hour and, for them, each and every speed bump can be stuck into an Excel spreadsheet and used to calculate an increase in jobs done – with a knock on bump to the bottom line.

If you want to bat near the limits of what's possible with the new Z87 boards from Asus, Asrock, MSI and Gigabyte – then you might want to cast an eye over the ADATA XPG v2 kits that have just launched out of Taiwan.

According to ADATA, the company’s new XPG V2 DRAM has been designed to ‘Impresses on Many Levels'.


This new memory is rated at 2800MHz and apparently uses 2 ounces of copper in its design – which seems to span an 8 layer PCB – before being adorned with some nifty looking aluminum heat spreaders that employ Thermal Conductive Technology (TCT).

Alex Ruedinger, marketing guru for ADATA, said, “The heat spreaders have been designed with a futuristic form that will appeal to those who take pride in both the performance and the visual outlook of their high-end system. The 2800 MHz memory runs at timings of CL 12-14-14-36 at 1.65 volts, delivering the performance demanded by gamers and power users”.

According to Alex, they're supplied in two flavours, “The ADATA XPG V2 will come in dual channel kits of 8GB and 16GB (4GB x 2 and 8GB x 2)”.

In the UK, only a very serious level of enthusiast or professional will need this kind of kit, so you can expect to see Overclockers stocking the 8GB kit at around £309 and the 16GB kit at something closer to £639.

You can get the full SP from this link.

The wings of the XPG v2 have a distinct 'Valkryie' edge - rather than the soft and gentle butterfly we normally associate with the company
The wings of the XPG v2 have a distinct ‘Valkryie' edge – in your choice of silver or gold – rather than the soft and gentle hummingbird we normally associate with the company

KitGuru says: This is some serious memory, but that performance comes at a serious price. If your applications are massively memory intensive and you charge by the hour, then it's got to be worth a once over.

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