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ADATA XPG SX930 240GB SSD Review

Today we are looking at the ADATA XPG SX930, a drive focused on gamers utilizing ‘enterprise grade' MLC NAND. Past XPG-series products have performed very well but will this drive continue that legacy? Let's find out… The XPG SX930 SATA 6Gb/s SSD is specifically for gamers and apparently overclockers as well with …

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ADATA launches 3,100MHz memory for very serious users

While most of the PC using population is content snoozing around with 1600MHz memory, ADATA has just moved the goal posts a little bit higher. KitGuru pulls out a stop watch to investigate. How much is anything worth?  It's an interesting question and one that permeates every aspect of life …

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ADATA executes memorable price cut on DDR3

While the economy is still recovering slowly, it's not fast enough for the IT industry. As a result, we're seeing some significant price drops on the kind of kit that everygeek needs – like 2x4GB of DDR3 1600MHz memory. KitGuru scans OcUK for details. For several years now, whether you …

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ADATA launches its most powerful DDR ever for Haswell

Over the next two weeks, we're all in for a deluge of launches. Not only are the main semi-conductor firms in mid-launch-madness-mode, but all of the companies that make components to go inside the new Haswell boxes are also on over drive. Plus Computex is around the corner. Today sees …

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ADATA reveals new high speed memory and SSD at CES

The world of modern technology requires a balancing act. You must control costs, otherwise you can't make a profit – while at the same time you need to innovate like there is no tomorrow or there won't be a tomorrow. At CES, the world's second largest memory module producer has …

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