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Adata XPG unveils new Core Reactor II VE PSUs and new Vento PWM ARGB fans

Adata XPG has recently launched a range of budget-friendly products for gamers looking to upgrade their systems. The company's latest release includes a new series of entry-level 80 Plus Gold power supplies and ARGB PWM fans that cater to PC builders' needs at all levels.

XPG's latest offerings, the Core Reactor II VE and Vento PWM fans, are the company's new value propositions. Despite being marketed as value-oriented, the Core Reactor II VE fulfils all the Intel ATX 3.1 requirements. With Gold efficiency, DC-DC circuit design, and a dedicated 12V-2×6 connection, this power supply is suitable for various gaming systems. The Core Reactor II VE is available in 650W, 750W, and 850W variants, making it an excellent foundation for a current-gen PC build.

With the new Vento 120 ARGB PWM and Vento R 120 ARGB PWM fans, you can quickly meet your fan requirements without breaking the budget. The Vento 120 ARGB PWM fans come in conventional and reverse options, allowing you to customise your airflow according to your setup and gaming environment. With daisy-chain compatibility, you can easily synchronise the RGB lighting across your fans with just a few clicks.

You can even connect these fans to an XPG Prime Box, which allows you to control your lighting and fan performance using any major motherboard RGB software or XPG's proprietary Prime ecosystem management software.

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