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SanDisk gets aggressive on USB Pen Drives

The bloodbath that was the SSD price war of 2012, was driven in large part by the arrival of SanDisk. While the company might occupy the expensive/high end when it comes to extreme memory cards for digital SLR cameras, it seems SanDisk is no shrinking violet when looking to taking new market share through brute force price cuts. KitGuru’s price periscope spots another positively dangerous attack.

If wireless internet/networking gets good enough, then the market for mobile memory will die a death. These markets are already come under fire from 4G (which appears to peak close to 40Mbps in parts of London).

At the same time, a grant of £35M has already been sunk into the University of Surrey by the British Government – alongside Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica Europe and Fujitsu among others. The purpose of the £35M?  To create the best/most viable solution for 5G.

And you just KNOW that there will be a 6, 7, 8 and 9G etc to follow.

So, the makers of ‘memory you carry around with you’ need to make money while there still is a market.

Enter SanDisk and its 32GB Cruzer Extreme at just over £24.

Its specification sheet is a little nuts, include a claimed file transfer speed of up to 190MB/s. We’re not sure how a USB 3.0 device can claim this speed in the real world – and there is little detail on the SanDisk site itself. In fact, SanDisk actually uses the expression ‘Up to 190MB/second, this drive can transfer files up to 10x quicker than USB2’.

Anyway, it is likely to be pretty quick – especially if you own one of the new Asus mainboards with 34% faster USB 3 ports.

But that’s not why we’ve highlighted this offer.

We have flagged it purely based on price. For your £24.99 you get the pen drive itself and 2GB of cloud storage and password protection for your data.

Plenty of those giggly bites alongside some very fast throughput claims and the SanDisk brand. Interesting.

KitGuru says: Big brand, big speed, small price. What’s not to like?

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