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GSkill most popular memory for HWBot overclockers

If you're an overclocker, enthusiast or system builder and you're also part of the HWBot community, chances are you use GSkill memory. That won't apply to everyone of course, but the memory manufacturer has just announced that out of all the brands in use around the world, its one is the most popular among HWBot members benching Haswell CPUs.

While GSKill's whole brand is quite popular, with the RipjawsZ and PI kits making quite an impression, it's the TridentX kits that people love so much. As many as 20 per cent of all users on the site have benched with a TridentX kit at some point. The nearest competitor by users is Corsair, with its Vengeance and Dominator kits – both with around 10 per cent total stake in the community.

If you're looking at the number of results though, Teamgroup also does really well, coming in second only to GSkill. Avexir is also a contender, taking the bronze medal.


GSkill's dominance isn't anything new though. According to HWBot statistics, it's been the most popular memory manufacturer among its members since 2011.

KitGuru Says: Let's do a quick survey of KG readers and see if it's in line with HWBoy's community. What memory type do you guys have in? I'll go first: Corsair Vengeance. 

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