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Seasonic-backed overclockers team becomes No. 1 at Hwbot

Seasonic has announced that Dancop, a professional computer tweaker from Germany, and his team Hardwareluxx.de are now ranked as the No.1 overclockers crew in the world at Hwbot, the world’s leading community of PC enthusiasts and overclockers. Dancop, whose real name is Daniel Schier, exclusively uses a high-end Seasonic power …

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Gigabyte breaks DDR3 world record with 4.62GHz kit

The world and his dog might be getting ready of the impending availability of DDR4 memory, but Gigabyte is still pushing the boundaries of what you can do with the hardware that's available right now. Making use of its much touted Z97-SOC Force LN2 motherboard, Gigabyte is now proud to let …

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GSkill most popular memory for HWBot overclockers

If you're an overclocker, enthusiast or system builder and you're also part of the HWBot community, chances are you use GSkill memory. That won't apply to everyone of course, but the memory manufacturer has just announced that out of all the brands in use around the world, its one is …

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G.Skill are most popular DDR3 brand at HWBot

We received an interesting news email today from G.Skill which highlighted the fact that they are topping the ranking list on overclocking site HWBOT. They are the most popular DDR3 memory brand since Q4 2011, showing their growth in the enthusiast sector. According to the information, G.Skill have 1/3 of …

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GIGABYTE Announces “Super Tuner” Contest on HWBOT

GIGABYTE today announced a new overclocking competition in conjunction with HWBOT.org called the “Super Tuner” contest. For all of you 3DMark2001 pros out there, time to get out your wrenches and show us your tuning skills. From May 15th to June 15th, GIGABYTE and HWBOT are hosting the GIGABYTE Super …

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