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Intel Core i9 7900X pushed past 6GHz, breaks HWBOT benchmark record

With Intel’s Core i9 7900X now on the market, overclockers are starting to get their hands on it and push the boundaries of what the chip is capable of. This week, one particular overclocker managed to beat the HWBOT benchmark record with an extreme 7900X overclock, pushing the 10C/20T CPU all the way up to 6.01GHz.

This particular overclock was achieved by ‘sofos1990’, who submitted their overclock result to HWBOT, achieving a first place position in the rankings. As usual, this was an extreme overclocking scenario, so LN2 was used in order to push the 10-core CPU that far. To be precise, the CPU was given an 82.3 percent clock speed boost compared to stock. Beyond the intense LN2 cooling, voltage also needed to be cranked up to hit this number, settling on 1.6V.

As for the system used, it featured the Core i9 7900X, 4GB of G.Skill Trident Z RAM, a Gigabyte X299 SOC Champion motherboard, a Corsair 1500W PSU and a 120GB SSD.

Using the HWBOT Prime benchmark, this system configuration managed to score 12189.52 points.

KitGuru Says: It’s always interesting to see what overclockers can do when a new line of CPUs come out. This is just the beginning for Core i9 though, Intel still has 12, 14, 16 and 18 core SKUs still to come this year.

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