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Latest Mass Effect Andromeda patch removes Denuvo, adjusts cut scenes

Mass Effect Andromeda might not be returning for single-player DLC but the team left at Bioware Montreal is still patching. In the game’s latest update, the studio is still making small changes to cut scenes and animations in order to show the game in a better light. Beyond that, Denuvo DRM has also been removed.

Mass Effect Andromeda patch 1.09 began rolling out recently and while the removal of Denuvo isn’t listed in Bioware’s patch notes, small improvements to facial animations and cutscenes are. One particular YouTuber ‘Yongyea‘ put together a short comparison of one of the game’s earlier cut scenes. Essentially, the entire scene was re-worked with different camera angles and shots in order to avoid Ryder’s poor facial expression. There could be more changes throughout the game’s later cut scenes but it will take a while for players to uncover them.

As for the DRM removal, we don’t have confirmation from Bioware that this was an intentional move but nonetheless, DSOGaming has confirmed Denuvo’s removal. Some games have been ditching Denuvo within a certain amount of time after release, so it wouldn’t be unprecedented. However, it is also worth noting that Bioware accidentally rolled out a version of Andromeda in the past with an outdated version of Denuvo, so it could have potentially been a mistake.

KitGuru Says: Unfortunately the changing of camera angles and shots in cut scenes does seem to indicate that these animations can’t be fixed, leaving Bioware to try and dance around them instead. Still, it should help present the game better overall for those who have waited to pick it up. 

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