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Mass Effect: Andromeda won’t be getting any single-player DLC

At this point, many of the issues surrounding Mass Effect: Andromeda’s development have come to light. However, while the final game did receive mixed reception, it wasn’t completely irredeemable, after all, Bioware has a history of releasing really solid single-player DLC. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Andromeda will be getting any additional content down the line.

It is important to note that this story is not tied to the fake story from last Friday, in which a Facebook page known as ‘Sinclair Networks’ claimed it was working on Andromeda DLC before getting cancelled. Many Bioware employees spoke out to confirm that all single-player DLC is developed in-house and that they had never heard of Sinclair Networks before.

This particular news actually comes from several sources speaking with Kotaku, which has already published an extensive inside look into the troubled development of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Speaking with the outlet, three separate sources at Bioware confirmed that as of now, Andromeda won’t be getting any single-player DLC unless the studio decides to undertake a “drastic pivot”. This follows earlier news reports stating that Bioware’s Montreal team had been downsized with most of the team broken up and sent to work on other projects, like Anthem or Battlefront II, leaving Mass Effect ‘in hiatus’.

KitGuru Says: While Mass Effect Andromeda wasn’t the best game in the series, I enjoyed a lot of the story content. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Bioware is willing to risk returning to Andromeda anytime soon. Did many of you play Mass Effect Andromeda? How do you feel about the lack of DLC?

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  • Allan

    i thought it was a great game tbh. real shame

  • Si C

    Wonder if it sold quite poorly due to its issues? Surely if it sold well then a DLC or two might be worth it!

  • liannfs

    MEA is not good enough to be compared to the ME trilogy but it is still worthy to play.

  • BigJimbo

    Well that is the final nail in the coffin for the ME series.
    To have no DLC shows that it sold poorly and they believe that they couldn’t recoup the costs of DLC development. That’s pretty shocking, but then what did they expect from releasing such a buggy mess of a game?