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MSI OC Academy Event: What’s Going On and How To Watch

Between the 17th and 19th of April, MSI, Team GB Benching, HWBot, and Overclock.net will be running their first OC Academy event. OC Academy is designed to bring together professional overclockers, budding enthusiasts, and tech-lovers, all of whom are keen to thrash MSI's hardware by way of liquid nitrogen in order to promote the UK's overclocking and benching scene.

The event, held in Cambridge, will be attended by a number of the UK's top overclockers, enthusiasts keen to gain experience with sub-zero tweaking, as well as novice tech-lovers wanting to learn about overclocking. Two of Europe's finest overclockers – Ian ‘8Pack' Parry and Roman ‘der8auer' Hartung – will be pushing the hardware with their sights on setting new world records.

In order to celebrate the event, the OC Academy organisers have teamed up with Box.co.uk to provide special discounts and deals on a range of MSI graphics cards and motherboards.

You can follow the action live on Twitch.
You can follow the action live on Twitch.

Overclock.net and OverClocking-TV will be live-streaming the action with running commentary. The Twitch streams will be available from April 17th, although we will add further details as they become available. KitGuru will also be covering the event on our website.

A mixture of tutorials, competitions, and dedicated bench-offs are on the agenda. There will also be opportunities for viewers to win prizes and suggest the benchmarks to be used.

A group of enthusiasts, vast supplies of liquid nitrogen, and the latest-and-greatest in consumer hardware – what's not to like? Follow the Overclock.net thread over here to stay informed.

Update 11:45, 18/04/15: The live stream is currently running on this Twitch link.

KitGuru says: Intrigued by extreme overclocking? Eager to learn from the professionals on how to tweak your hardware? Or do you simply want to pose those difficult questions to your favourite overclocking enthusiast? Tune into the MSI OC Academy coverage between April 17th and 19th.

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