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G.Skill Cup for Overclocking competition launches

Few memory companies have been pushing the boundaries as hard as G.Skill over the past 2 years. Following the launch of its latest TridentX modules, G.Skill has decided to celebrate with an easy to enter competition. KitGuru goes to a high street jewellers to play with some clocks.

If you've never touched overclocking, then it's possible that you wouldn't have heard of Belgian outfit, HWBOT. It's a team of internationally recognised overclockers, hardware experts and enthusiasts that acts as ‘OC Test Centre' for some 30,000 overclockers across the globe. Since it began, it has managed to accumulate over 550,000 scores – showing clearly who's top dog in a variety of tests, including the 3 tests that G.Skill boffins are interested in:-

  1. Memory Clock
  2. ‘No Limit' Ivy Bridge Super Pi 32M
  3. IGP 3DMark 06

Frank Hung from G.Skill explained the competition, “Following the release of TridentX, G.SKILL is thrilled to host an extreme overclocking contest at HWBOT, the widely recognized authority in the field of overclocking. The G.SKILL CUP OC competition will start May 1st and run until May 30th and consists of three different stages with 14 G.SKILL Memory kits offered to the winners. For more detail, please refer to the event page”.

You can find the page that Frank was referring to over here.

REMEMBER: Your entry MUST have the right G.Skill wallpaper – which you can get from HWBOT.

Let's be honest: G.Skill knows how to build a cool stand and hire great show girls - but the chaps struggle when it comes to making tea. That said, they know the way to win a girl's heart is with a single red rose. Winning memory with this competition is simple.

KitGuru says: So, there you have it. Simple to enter and, if you rock the clocks, simple to win!

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