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Thermaltake wants to ride on the DISCO stick

High-end products are, generally, aimed at one particular market – hardcore gamers. Sure, the workstation lovers get some focus and there is the more-money-than-sense group, but it is the hardcore, living in the dark, nano-suited, sniper fire specialist that gets the love. No idea if it will ever launch, but …

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Is Kingston the most attractive RAM in the market?

In the UK, buying memory could hardly be more puritanical. You duck into your local PC store, whisper in the ear of the store assistant and leave a few minutes later with a brown paper bag under your arm. Nor so in Guang Hua. KitGuru ignores the Welsh jokes and …

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Overclocking World Records – under the G.Skill covers

Computex 2011 was one of the best ever. What we enjoyed most was that no one stand was overly-expensive, but everyone made an effort to do cool/interesting stuff. So, overall, the effect was welcoming and engaging. Arguably, some of the biggest crowds drawn at the show were around the world …

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Thermaltake prepares Taiwanese sandwich? Frio Extreme

Computex 2011 saw a lot of emphasis on new, high-end coolers. This will almost certainly be tied into Intel’s upcoming socket 2011 products which, if clocked correctly, should make every chip that’s gone before look positively ordinary. So what’s Thermaltake been up to? The launch of the original Frio marked …

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Asrock reveals X79 design – world awaits benchmarks

It’s been a good many years since Intel first unloaded an Extreme version of its high-end processor into the face of a waiting world. Computex 2011 saw preparations for the next generation in full swing. KitGuru’s cameras swung by the Asrock stand to see if there had been any fatalities. …

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