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Is Kingston the most attractive RAM in the market?

In the UK, buying memory could hardly be more puritanical. You duck into your local PC store, whisper in the ear of the store assistant and leave a few minutes later with a brown paper bag under your arm. Nor so in Guang Hua. KitGuru ignores the Welsh jokes and goes shopping for a more attractive RAM.

DDR3 is pretty generic. Sure, enthusiasts will drool over the clock speeds and CAS latencies on offer, but the packaging itself is all really similar.

By and large, your talking about blister-pack wrapping, where you can see the modules themselves, and a logo/specification printed on card at the top.

Not so in Taiwan.

Not by a long shot.

Here’s a sneaky peak at the kind of promising print job that conceals performance product in Taipei.

When you buy this DDR3, Bond girls storm your house and install it while mixing you a Martini. Really.


Not only that, but Kingston even produces a magazine in the region – complete with 3D cover with a shot of 3 ladies who look like they were told ‘Yeah, sure, it’s for Vogue. Wear a wedding dress’.

Planning to install your RAM or marry it?

So we come to the key question. Does the packaging for memory modules make any difference at all?

Performance won’t change – but will you feel that the extra money spent on high-end modules was worthwhile because they look so much nicer?

Kingston even has its own shops in places like Guang Hua. Here you can choose anything you like - as long as you choose Kingston.

KitGuru says: In honour of this question, we’re kicking off a new poll on packaging. Tell us what you think.

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