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BeQuiet prepares plans for global expansion, quietly

Roll the clock back 10 years and there was no BeQuiet. At Computex 2011, the company began to flex its muscles.By Computex 2012, the company will have a completely different profile. KitGuru pieces together the info and looks ahead.

Germans are a meticulous bunch, by and large. So when a single company wins ‘Best PSU Manufacturer of the Year’ five years in a row – in the Fatherland – you have to imagine that they are doing something right.

There’s no denying it. Something about BeQuiet is different. The limited product line-up, for one. For example, BeQuiet’s reputation was built up almost exclusively on the Dark Power series – and the 850w model in particular.

While BeQuiet’s PR push for Computex 2011 was all around the new Dark Power Pro P10 series, the real story is the way that the company plans to leverage its brand over the next 12 months – expanding out into chassis, keyboards, mice and a host of other products.

That’s not the only split from tradition we’re hearing about. It also seems that FSP will have the low end PSUs, while Inter-Galactic Sales VP, Walter San, has done his bit in securing the high-end BeQuiet contracts for Seasonic.

On stand was the worryingly good looking Aaron Licht. After doing the introductions and making sure everyone knew what the coolest stuff was, he set us a challenge.

“Can KitGuru make BeQuiet products look better than the company’s own stock photo images?”

We loves a good challenge here at KitGuru, so we DSLR-ed up and here are the results.

The sanitised white image on the left has been provided by BeQuiet and the slightly darker version on the right has been snapped using our own unique KitGuru method. Let us know what works best for you.

Here the young lady is extolling the virtues of 'Straight Power'. Not sure if we like that heading.


The FSP-inspired 650 watt products will be geared for silent running (or cowboy six-shooting - judging by her hands)


Dark Rock? Sorry, must have mis-heard you. So, is that like Metallica or what?


Young lady shows off the kind of chopping action Walter San used to beat off the competition for this design


Finally, after a campaign of 'charm & disarm', we were allowed around the back for a glimpse of the young lady's Silent Wings

KitGuru says: Interesting stand, professional presentation and the possibility of a full range of chassis etc to follow soon. Looks like 2011/12 wont be so quiet for BeQuiet.

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